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Rethinking pedagogy

Technology-enhanced learning

It can be challenge to introduce new technologies in academia, especially given the rate of change in education learning tools and technological innovations as a whole. 

In addition, today's students, as digital natives, have higher expectations of how technology can and should be used to enhance their learning

It is therefore suggested that a more systematic approach to preparing today’s academics is needed to enable them to enhance and innovate their pedagogical strategies and respond to students’ learning styles that increasingly incorporate emerging technology.

A starting point is to identify the good practices that already exist in BU as exemplars of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) to promote and showcase current thought leaders in the area. Champions from across BU will be sought to help determine ways in which TEL can drive education policies and procedures within the university as a vehicle for enhancing pedagogical developments towards an increasingly engaging learning environment for our students.

Mission and aims

BU’s TEL strategy has been designed to:

  • Engage staff in current and emerging learning technologies
  • Facilitate innovative approaches to learning through designing pedagogies that are fit for modern education
  • Examine the practice and impact of TEL, across academic and support services, to identify the good practices that already exist in BU as exemplars of TEL and seeking champions from across BU
  • Raise awareness of current and emerging learning tools and technologies, encouraging academics to engage, promote and share good learning practice.

The ultimate aim is to realise BU’s strategy in development and adoption of learning technologies and create an excellent virtual learning experience for staff and students.

Our work

The TEL Toolkit

The TEL toolkit, designed to help our acadamics and support staff access the latest innovations in technology-enhanced learning, as well as discover examples of good practice.

TEL Strategy Forum

The TEL Strategy Forum provided a chance for leaders in the field to discuss their approaches and share their knowledge.