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Digital skills self assessment

We have developed a self-assessment questionnaire that helps staff to better understand their digital literacy skills and encourages staff to consider their level of confidence using a variety of digital tools.

Although initially designed for BU's teaching staff, any staff across the university are welcome to complete the questionnaire. It takes between ten and 15 minutes to answer all the questions, and providing your name is optional.

We want our staff to use their results to identify areas for personal development, and to then work with us or use the TEL toolkit to improve their digital skills and gain more confidence in this area. 

We're also using the information we collect to build up a comprehensive picture about the level of confidence in digital skills across BU, particularly in the area learning among academic staff. Our intention is to use the responses we receive as the basis for aligning the support activities of FLIE, as well as other BU departments, to ensure we enable our staff to deliver excellent teaching and learning experiences for our students.

This questionnaire is jointly sponsored by FLIE and the Vision4Learning project.