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Planning for your future

Career advice and job hunting support

After you graduate

We’re very proud of what our graduates achieve within their chosen professions and of the world-leading research they are involved with. One of our main aims during your time at BU is to prepare you for your next steps, whether that’s into the world of work or continuing your higher education through a Master’s degree.

Looking for a job or need careers advice now you have left BU?

Don't forget that the BU Careers & Employability service offers you support for 3 years after you graduate wherever you are in the world - whether you have moved away or are living in the local area. If you haven't found the job you want quite yet or are still undecided on what you want to do next, you can still access *MyCareerHub for all your job hunting and career planning needs and our team of career experts are available for confidential appointments and Mock Interviews face to face, over the phone or via Skype.

You are also entitled to attend our forthcoming 'Your Career Week' event in October featuring the Annual Careers Fair. Up to 90 employers will be coming onto campus over 2 days to promote their graduate vacancies so this could be the perfect opportunity to secure the job you are looking for! Further details of the event can be found on *MyCareerHub.

Whatever support you need, we recognise that in a competitive graduate recruitment market, it's important that you have access to careers and employability advice and support for as long as possible, so do keep in touch!

*You will need to reset your password for MyCareerHub, as your BU Password is no longer valid.

Alumni International Webinar Series

Our international alumni webinar series offers advice and insights on building careers in different sectors around the world.

Careers in Archaeology

This webinar is focused on developing a career in archaeology. Led by two BU alumni, now pursuing careers in the field in Canada.

Lindsay Myers 

Lindsay graduated from BU with an MSc in Forensic Archaeology in 2014. Lindsay says: “I have been fortunate enough to publish an article in a magazine that is related to my degree and had a number of associated volunteer experiences as well. It has given me the opportunity to expand my network in the field and meet new people in the area. The network is continuing to grow the longer that I reside here and make the efforts to contact people. The industry that I graduated in is very specific, so being open to exploring other opportunities is very important.”

Luke Hooper 

Luke graduated from BU with a BSc (Hons) in Archaeology in 2017 and is now an Archaeological Technician with CRM Group, Canada. Luke says: “My work involves manual excavation of shovel test pits in an area of a known Paleo site (12,000 years old). I am required to spot relevant cultural material and excavate to high standards. Securing paid work as an archaeologist, and working internationally, has always been a goal for me. A degree in archaeology is rare within Canada, as most universities only offer anthropology. So this, coupled the large amount of varied fieldwork I gained while at BU, have been very helpful.” 

Careers in Sport and Events Management

This webinar is focused on developing a career in the sports industry. Led by BU alumni Natalie Brett, now pursuing her career in the field of sports management in Canada.

Natalie Brett

This webinar, which is delivered by former student Natalie Brett, MSc Sport Management (2010). Natalie currently works as a Manager for Games Operations and Delivery with the Canadian Paralympic Committee. Natalie shares her experiences of studying and working in the sports industry, as well as giving insights into working in Canada. 

Careers in Financial Services

This webinar is led by Kemal Gurel, who graduated from BU with an MA in International Marketing Management in 2008.

Kemal Gurel

Originally from Turkey, Kemal now works in Istanbul as a Business Development and Strategy Supervisor for a financial services company, Allianz SE. 

Kemal talks about his experience of studying abroad as well as sharing advice about how to build a career in the financial services sector in Europe. 

He said: “My role with Allianz involves seeking out new business opportunities and developing affinity programmes to retain existing customers. My qualification from BU was definitely a ‘door opener’ when it came to applying for positions with global companies. I don’t believe that I would be in the role I am in today without the backing of a UK university education. One of the hardest things about returning to your home country after studying abroad is the reverse culture shock. You have to be prepared that it may take you a while to re-adapt to your culture – even after a relatively short amount of time away.”

Career insights: Event management and product development

This webinar is led by Louise Henwood, who graduated from BU with an BA (Hons) in Retail Management in 2009.

Louise Henwood

Since graduating from BU Louise Henwood has built a career working for major brands in Canada. 

Louise has recently joined Saje Natural Wellness as Product Development Manager, a fast-growing North American brand specialising in 100% natural remedies, skincare and home essentials. She previously worked as Events Manager for high-performance sports brand Lorna Jane

She said: 
“My career highlight to date has been the co-creation of the lululemon swimwear collection with pro-surfer Malia Manuel. My placement year at BU has been the most impressive part of my qualification when it comes to job applications and interviews. The fact that I have a degree in retail has never been a ‘must have’ but tends to seal the deal when people also hear about my experience. My international study experience sets me apart from others. People tend to love British candidates - particularly in North America. My advice to other graduates is to be open to any role in the company or industry of your choice. You never know what contacts you will make or where it will lead you.” 

Building a business in Nigeria

This webinar is led by Mayowa Adejumo, who graduated from BU with a MSc in Public Health in 2010.

Mayowa Adejumo

Since graduating from BU Mayowa Adejumo has built her own business in her native Nigeria. 

Mayowa says: 
“Since graduating I have developed my own farming and food delivery business in Nigeria. I was inspired by the fresh farm produce I came across when shopping for groceries in the UK. My work involves marketing, negotiating with suppliers and customer service. While my experience of living in the UK shaped my business, so too did my qualification, as it helped me to develop my critical thinking and decision making skills. My advice to others thinking of starting their own business is to make use of social media as a research and networking tool. It is great for information gathering, sharing and learning. I also improved my knowledge of the industry by joining networks of female farmers and entrepreneurs.”