Wellness tips from ResLifeBU

ResLifeBU Wellness tips

ResLifeBU is an exclusive programme of social activites, development and support for students who live in the BU accommodation portfolio. The ResLifeBU team have created some videos and content designed to positively guide, inform and develop your wellbeing. Check out the latest videos below.

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Sunlight - ResLife wellness tips


Getting out and about in the sunlight can have a positive impact on sleep and improving your mood.
Person doing a yoga pose on a beach at sunset

7-11 Breathing

Using this simple breathing technique can make a stressful situation manageable and can help to take control of your emotions if you are feeling overwhelmed.
feet in bed


Creating a restful environment is important to getting a good night's sleep and can help to improve your health and overall wellbeing.

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Student walking on the beach


Wellbeing comprises everything that involves your welfare, health, safety and overall comfort and security when living within our accommodation.

The BIG Beach BBQ Fiesta


Social provides a wide range of inclusive activities and events run for you by our ResLifeBU team.

ResLifeBU in room with students


ResLifeBU Skills relate to everything and anything a student may need to set them up for success during their first year and beyond at Bournemouth: