Small Emergency Grant

The Small Emergency Grant is very short-term assistance for students who have no or very little funding available. It's usually paid in denominations of £20 (depending on your circumstances) and is generally paid in supermarket vouchers.

Application forms can be obtained from SUBU Advice and you'll need to produce an up to date bank statement or balance to prove that you have no funds remaining.

You aren't required to pay this back, although if you have the ability to do so at a later date, it will mean that we can assist other students.

Before we can consider any request:

  • You must be formally enrolled on to a BU course 
  • You must be able to show that you have very little or no funds remaining (this would include money available in your overdraft).
BU Financial Support Fund

BU Financial Support Fund

Non-repayable support that can help if you're having financial difficulties during your studies - contact us to apply.

SUBU Advice promo

SUBU Advice

Free independent and confidential advice on housing, money, personal matters offered by BU Students' Union.
Emergency Loan

Emergency Loan

A short-term advance if your mainstream UK Government funding is late arriving - get in touch to find out more.