BU offers two types of bursaries intended for students in need of additional financial assistance; the BU Maintenance Bursary and the BU Care Leavers Bursary. 

There is no need to apply as you should automatically receive the bursary if you meet the eligibility criteria, providing you have completed an income assessment as part of your student finance application, and given consent to share this information. You can check the eligibility criteria for the BU Bursaries below, based on your relevant year of entry. If you feel you meet the eligibility criteria and have not received an award, please contact AskBU.

If you are currently on a part time course and feel you meet the eligibility criteria for the BU Bursary, please contact AskBU.

How are bursaries paid?

Your bursary will be loaded onto a pre-paid card. The money will be made available to you in nine instalments from October to June. You can only spend money that’s in your account, so you can’t go overdrawn, and you can receive up to 2% cashback on purchases at certain retailers. You will be advised of the full terms and conditions when you collect your card following enrolment at BU.

Further information