Not only are you a member of a thriving and stimulating community you're a member of a much wider community too - Bournemouth and Poole

Just as it is important to respect your fellow students - you need to set a good example off campus too.

Remember, you are ambassadors for BU and we ask that you behave accordingly:

  • We ask that give consideration to your neighbours, particularly if you live in a residential area.
  • Introduce yourself to them as well, tell them a bit about yourself - and find out about them too.
  • It may sound obvious but small things like remembering to put your bins out on collection day (and take them back in when they're emptied) not leaving rubbish lying around, parking considerately - and certainly not over your neighbours drive! - can really make a difference.
  • If you are planning a party, let your neighbours know in advance, keep the noise to a reasonable level (ideally keep doors and windows closed) and finish at a reasonable hour. Although you may not have a lecture until lunchtime, your neighbours may need to be up at 6am to go to work, even at the weekends.

Like anyone else in the neighbourhood, students who create a noise nuisance can expect a visit from the Police and/or Environmental Health Officers.

Students who are issued with a Noise Abatement Notice by Environmental Health can also expect to be dealt with under the Student Disciplinary Procedures, and may receive a fine, written warning or other penalty.

BU is working in partnership with the Bournemouth Campus Police Team, Environmental Health and the Students' Union to ensure good relations in the local community are maintained.

Please note that you may be fined by BU for any anti-social behaviour issues.