Transferring to Bournemouth University

We welcome applications from students who have previously studied at other institutions and wish to transfer onto a BU programme. BU facilitates Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which enables credit awarded from one institution to contribute to a BU award, subject to an application process. You can find the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy under the Admissions section on the Important information page.

Transferring from Bournemouth University

If you are considering leaving the University please discuss your plans with your Programme Leader or Programme Support Officer before submitting a form indicating your intention to withdraw. The withdrawal form is available under the Conduct and Welfare section of the Important information page.

In line with the University’s standard assessment regulations, assessment boards award students with academic credit on successful completion of a unit. If you're considering a transfer to another institution you are able to request an official transcript of your BU results free of charge. This provides a formal record for the purposes of allowing other institutions to assess an application for recognition of prior learning. Where the formal award of credit has not yet been made by an assessment board you can request appropriate evidence from your faculty as required by your receiving institution.

The Fees Policy available in the Finance section of the Important Information page outlines how fees are refunded in cases where a student withdraws from the University.

You may also need to consider the terms and conditions of your accommodation and should review the details of the contract agreed with your accommodation provider. General information on terms and conditions is available on the Accommodation web pages.

If you need any further advice or guidance please contact AskBU or SUBU Advice.