We know that you are given a lot of information when you are starting university.

We have decided to put the information about policies, procedures and other important information in one agreement to help you find them.

Some of these things may not seem very important at the moment, but you need to know that they are there, and to be able to find them easily later if you need to. For example, we explain what happens if we have to change something about your course and what will happen if something goes wrong. We explain how you can complain and how you can pay your fees. We also explain our expectations of you as a student.

Please read through this agreement and keep it safe so that you can look at it later.

To read this agreement in a printable format on our website, please visit:

This student agreement forms the basis of the contractual relationship between you and us. It is important that you read this agreement before applying to BU, accepting an offer or registering with us. This agreement explains how we will manage changes to the information that we have given to you, including to this student agreement.

If you are a postgraduate student undertaking a research degree, there are separate terms that relate specifically to your research and your funding at:

 If you are an apprentice studying an apprenticeship programme funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency, this student agreement sits alongside the Commitment Statement or Training Plan that you agree with your employer and BU before you commence your studies at BU. Where appropriate, we refer specifically to apprentices, otherwise, for the purposes of this student agreement and BU’s rules, regulations, policies, procedures and codes of practice, references to students includes apprentices.

You may also have other contractual arrangements with other organisations, such as a sponsor or funder, the NHS if you are on a healthcare professional course, the Student Loans Company, accommodation providers or others. You must make sure that you understand these separate arrangements.

Registered students of BU become members of the Students’ Union but you have a right to opt out of membership. If you do not wish to be a member of the Students’ Union, you should opt out of membership when you register online or email the President of the Students’ Union. For more information, see

If you are studying at one of our Partner Colleges, not only will you have access to all the facilities on your college campus, there may also be resources available from BU to support your studies. This will depend on the course you are studying and how BU supports it. The main student agreement is between you and the Partner College. However, some of BU’s procedures, such as complaints and academic offences, will apply to you. You may be required to follow the Partner College’s procedure before you can escalate the issue at BU. We have noted this where it is relevant.