The BU Student Agreement forms the basis of the contractual relationship between you and us, and we usually update it once a year, when we review our regulations and policies. That’s why you may receive one version with your offer letter, and another version when you register with us. To help you make sense of the changes, we always provide a summary of these changes alongside the latest version of the Student Agreement.  

Below are copies of previous versions of the Student Agreement, and the relevant summary document, for up to the previous five academic years. Find the current version on our important information webpages.

2022/23 Academic Year

2021/22 Academic Year

2020/21 Academic Year

2019/20 Academic Year

2018/19 Academic Year

2017/18 Academic Year

*Please note: Some policy links may re-direct to the most current version of the policy. If the version you need is not available online please email [email protected] stating ‘Student Agreement policy query” in the subject line, including details of the policy and academic year in your email, and a copy will be issued within 5 working days.