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Our degrees are designed to make you globally employable, and a lot of what you can do alongside your course is all about giving you a competitive advantage.

Placements and part-time jobs are great ways of gaining practical skills, and there’s a lot you can do at uni to develop the ‘soft’ skills employers are increasingly looking for too. You can access funding to study or work abroad to understand other cultures and develop your resilience and problem-solving skills, or perhaps join a sports team, academic society or a club (or form your own!) to develop your teamwork and leadership skills. There are lots of ways of making your interests and hobbies help you to stand out from other graduates, while really enriching your time as a student.

A collage of students from BU either on placement, or in their roles after graduating


The talents you develop at BU open up a world of opportunity: enabling you to influence global thinking and lead innovation. 

Study abroad

Study abroad

Find out how you can study overseas during your time at BU and what benefits a year abroad can have.
Work overseas

Work overseas

Expand your horizons by undertaking a placement overseas and gain valuable industry experience while getting to know another culture

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Find a job

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SUBU activities

Clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities to enrich your time at BU and develop your employability skills.