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Open Access Centres

Our Open Access Centres (OACs) are large computer labs, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. There's no need to book, you can simply drop in and use the PCs whenever suits you. You will need your student ID card to access these rooms outside of usual working hours of 9am - 5pm.

There are two OAC’s, one at each campus, as below:

  • Talbot Campus: Poole House, PG22 with 51 Windows PCs and 11 Apple Macs
  • Lansdowne Campus: Studland House, S115 with 56 Windows PCs.

Each machine has the core BU applications, including Microsoft Office, the Adobe CC suite and SPSS, and can be used with either staff or student credentials. You can also use the ‘AppsAnywhere’ portal, giving you access to software relevant to your course. There are also colour and black and white printers with scanners available at both locations.

When using the Open Access Centres

There are a few things to be mindful of when using these facilities to ensure no loss or damage to equipment and/or your own posssessions - please read the below for guidance:

  • Keep your personal belongings safe and don’t leave bags, coats etc unattended - BU will not accept any liability for your personal property and we recommend you insure your possessions
  • Lock your computer if you leave it for a short period, or logout when you have finished for other users to access
  • To prevent loss of work, check where you are saving to and make sure you always save work to your network H drive
  • Remember to take removable media, and your earphones and phone charger cables, with you when you leave
  • Wireless access and blue (guest) network sockets are provided for the connection of portable computers but please do not disconnect power/network cables used by BU desktop PCs
  • Use the recycling bins to keep the Open Access Centres clean and tidy for everyone, and don't eat or drink in these spaces
  • Consider others and work quietly - there are dedicated areas set aside in the library for group work
  • Users of the University’s IT systems and facilities must do so in a way which does not interfere either with other users or with the operation of the systems
  • As always, please be mindful of the Acceptable Use of IT Policy.

How to contact IT Services

For any IT-related queries or problems you can visit the IT Services website.