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Stay safe online

Be cybersecurity savvy - learn how to prevent attacks so that you won't lose important data.

We've put together some helpful information on how to secure your devices, how to handle the information you use, and how to protect your personal data. Along with further knowledge around information security in general.

Remember: If you'd like to talk to someone about any online safety issues you can call the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515, option 1.

Report a data breach

Report a data breach

A data breach could mean lost or stolen devices, a compromised mailbox or stolen printed documents with personal information.


Using a tablet

Secure your device

Find out how to protect your personal data on your devices including, encryption, password protection and remote-wipe systems.

Suspicious emails

Suspicious emails

Look out for spam or phishing emails and know what to do if you get one.


Think before you click

BU is one of many organisations targeted daily with spam and phishing emails - make sure you know what to do if you receive them​...

HMRC phishing email

An HMRC related phishing campaign attempting to steal BU login credentials and credit card data has been reported