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Got a complaint?

Got a complaint?

Our Residential Services team want you to be happy where you live, but we understand that things won’t always be right. We’re always working on improving our services, and your feedback can help us with that.

We can’t promise to change things in the way that you’d like, but we’ll always provide you with an explanation of why we do what we do, and will work to make improvements wherever we can.

You can expect us to always be professional and courteous when dealing with complaints, and we’ll try to respond as quickly as we can to any issues you have. It is normally expected that a student who wishes to make a complaint will submit the complaint in writing within one calendar month of the incident that is the cause for complaint. (Please see below for whom to contact.)

As BU works in partnership with other organisations to provide accommodation, the complaints process can vary. Full details of how to make a complaint relating to your accommodation are provided below.

Which accommodation is your complaint related to?

Students in accommodation

Useful information and forms

Find out about additional accommodation charges, BU bank transfer details and how to request a transfer or withdrawal

Got a maintenance issue?

Got a maintenance issue?

Find out how you can report maintenance faults, cleaning or other issues related to your accommodation.