"I’d absolutely recommend studying at BU; it gave me a firm foundation for my career. I think the key thing is the commerciality of BU students - they are high calibre."

For some graduates, transferable skills have enabled them to work across a diverse range of areas, using their abilities to work in ever-evolving and adapting environments, a skill which Information Systems Management graduate Kevin Hough owes to his BU degree.

“My degree prepared me in a number of ways. Some of the modules within the course ensured that I have some strong transferable skills to use throughout my career.  Key examples are accounting & budgeting, project management, and stakeholder management, but also, more importantly, my industry placement & careers support really prepared me for the world of work.

"I also enjoyed the amount of group and project work which enabled me to build relationships but also learn how to work with people that I may not necessarily have gotten along with.”

Now Head of Talent Acquisition UK & Ireland, at PepsiCo, Kevin explains that although IT and technology is important, people and processes should also be at the heart of working: “I think the most powerful thing is that IT and technology is not the answer to everything.  Applied in the right way, you can do some amazing things – but that must be combined with the right people and processes to compliment.

“As well as the basics that their course provides, I would encourage people to work hard on their softer skills. Building relationships and working with people are key to a successful career – and can sometimes be pretty tough to navigate.”

Kevin notes that sometimes people can be worried by not having a career path set out for them: “Don’t limit yourself with your career thinking – if you don’t know what you want to do, that’s not a problem.  I had no idea that I would be working in the world of HR & Talent Acquisition – but the key advice I would give is 'own your career' – explore the possibilities and connect with people who can help you open your mind and career choices.”

Previously, Kevin worked in recruitment for LV= before embarking on his current role, where he recognises the importance of a positive and supportive culture within the workplace: "My job involves transforming & aligning our Talent Acquisition function for the UK & Ireland division of PepsiCo.  We deliver all of the recruitment across a number of sites and we’re always very busy keeping up with the demand!

 “We also set the strategy for recruitment, so that we can deliver what the business needs – so that may be anything from shooting employer branding films, to preparing social media content for large recruitment campaigns.  It’s a diverse and exciting role & I love it and the people that I work with. PepsiCo has a great reputation for a positive, supportive culture, which I can say hand on heart is true!”

For Kevin, whose varied career also includes roles as a Police Officer and financial services Project Manager, the culture, investment in campus and courses make BU a unique institution: “My favourite thing about BU was the support from The Business School and the course content which felt relevant. I also kept up going to the gym, and got involved with the LGBT network at the university. 

"I’d absolutely recommend studying at BU; it gave me a firm foundation for my career. I think the key thing is the commerciality of BU students - they are high calibre. Through industry placements, BU students also have a readiness for the workplace. It’s surprising how often I bump into other graduates – or I meet someone and we both realise that we came from Bournemouth University!”

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