Find yourself a mentor, someone who inspires you in the industry - who either is known as a nice person or who does the job you eventually want to do"

Victoria studied BA (Hons) Television Production at BU  from 2007 until 2010. She was the series producer on the recent BBC programme 'Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation' which is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Read on to find out more about Victoria's story... 

What was your first career step after graduating?

I interned on Channel 4’s Dispatches, at the company who I wrote my dissertation about.

How did you end up working on this production?

I joined On The Corner last March to help them establish their factual television department and this was the first project we got commissioned, so I moved onto it in the role of series producer.

How does it feel to see your work on television?

It's normally a relief as I specialise in legally & ethically complex documentaries where the access is sensitive and the legals are really challenging. So it's always nerve wracking hoping we can overcome those challenges and keep our contributors happy.

What do you remember most fondly from your time at BU?

I met my husband in the first few days of University (a BAMMJ) so that has to be the top memory!

What advice would you give students looking to follow in your footsteps and work in TV?

Firstly don't worry about your grade. I was desperate for 1st and nearly killed myself to get the grade. When I got a 2:1 I was devastated but yet years later, no one has ever asked me what degree I got.

Also find yourself a mentor, someone who inspires you in the industry - who either is known as a nice person or who does the job you eventually want to do.

The industry is a tough place, especially as it is majority freelance, so it helps to have someone who has your back - whether it's giving you emotional support, contract negotiation help or professional introductions.

And don't be scared to ask for someone to mentor you. There are a lot of nice people in the profession who believe in good karma.

More about Victoria

A 2015 Edinburgh TV Festival ‘Ones To Watch’, 2016 Broadcast Magazine ‘Hot Shot’ and 2017 Sheffield Doc/Fest ‘Future Producer’, Victoria Musguin-Rowe has established a strong reputation for negotiating complicated access and producing films about legally complex subjects.

Over the past decade she has worked with organisations such as the FBI, National Crime Agency, Counter Terrorism Command, US Department of Justice, US Military, Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service. She has also secured interviews with reluctant or delicate individuals, ranging from cult members, convicted murderers and Waco siege survivors, to police officers, judges, 9/11 victims and the families of murder victims.

Her commissions include the award winning Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia (BBC Three), Cutting Edge: The Modern British Slave Trade (Channel 4), Conviction: Murder At The Station (BBC Two), Love & Hate Crime (BBC Three) and, most recently, BBC One’s  three-part series, Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation, which was broadcast on the 25th anniversary of the teenager’s murder, in April 2018.

Victoria is currently working as a series producer and development executive producer at On The Corner, the BAFTA and Academy Award winning production company behind Amy, Senna and Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Victoria Musguin-Rowe