“Along with my placement year, all the coursework and applied activities I’ve learnt during my course prepared me for my career by helping me develop an extensive skill-set, which left me in good position to excel in what is an increasingly competitive working environment.”

The glamorous world of the super yacht conjures up images of cocktails in exotic locations with movie stars. BU graduate Mya Harman works as a Marketing Executive for world famous yacht builder Sunseeker at their global headquarters in Poole after being offered a full time job during her placement year.

“I have worked for Sunseeker for nearly 6 years now, since my placement year. I’m responsible for global communications - from news and social media to organising global media press events and international boat shows. My role also involves using corporate communications to support the company’s objectives making Sunseeker a valued and respected organisation.”

Mya’s placement was part of her BA (Hons) Event Management degree at BU – a course that she considered very carefully before applying to.

“I was a foreign student and I wanted to come and do my further education in the U.K. I come from Burma, near Thailand, so I intended to do my university degree in the UK. I was always keen on the UK but not really familiar with the country apart from holidays I’ve taken in London; I knew I wanted to be somewhere close to London but not in London. I was accepted by quite a few universities but I decided on Bournemouth. It looked good in the pictures - the location etc; and when I applied, Bournemouth was the number one new university – it was just really appealing.”

In the first year of her time at BU, Mya took part in a volunteering opportunity that eventually opened an unexpected door – working as part of the famous Rallye Sunseeker team.

“That actually helped secure the job with Sunseeker International – at the interview I said ‘I’ve done the Rallye Sunseeker as a volunteer!’ And they said ‘we need someone to manage the Rallye Sunseeker!’ And that gave me a stepping stone. So everything I’ve done via Bournemouth University has actually helped.”

The placement year which is part of the BA (Hons) Event Management degree was a key factor in her decision to study at Bournemouth.

“The Event Management course and the fact that it had a placement year really drew me in because, especially with my background, and having no experience of the UK, having a placement year really gives you a good feel about companies, working ethics, practices in the UK and I just thought you know what - that’s a good way to get your foot in the door! And then the ideal goal was hopefully to get a good career which is exactly what I’ve done!”

Despite all her hard work organising global marketing campaigns and boat shows for one of the world’s most prestigious brands, Mya is most proud of the charity work for Macmillan that she has become involved with through Sunseeker.

“I am proud of many things I have done within the company; however, I have also been heavily involved with the company's CSR programme, where we appointed Macmillan Dorset as our Charity of the Year. Recently, we've announced that eight months since launching our partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support in Dorset, we have raised £56,500 – enough money to fund a Macmillan Nurse for a year.”

Despite her job taking her to some spectacular locations, Mya feels that her time at Bournemouth University was special for a number of reasons.

“I chose Bournemouth because I love the beach! It’s a beautiful small town with so much to do and see. The university itself is so new with a really cool infrastructure -  I much prefer the moderness and the quirkiness of BU over old historical buildings. The fact that my course had a placement year was also an added bonus, as not many places give you a mandatory placement year, and I obviously wouldn’t be where I am without it. It’s just given me the life skills I needed.”

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