I will forever be grateful for my time there and appreciate all of the people that helped me through the entire process."

Kevin Baker grew up in Los Angeles, but decided to travel further outside the state to complete his Bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University (CSU). 

"After finishing my degree at CSU, I was given the opportunity to work as an assistant academic co-ordinator for the school’s NCAA 400+ athletes. During that time, my affinity for advancing my own academic career came full circle, and I decided to look outside the box for a new challenge.

"While searching for different opportunities throughout the US, a programme called TeamGleas presented itself as a bridge in connecting international studies and sport. Bournemouth University had a good mix of a hometown feel with being by the beach, an MSc Sport Management programme and opportunities to play volleyball through BU’s own club and the Men’s Super 8’s League with Wessex Volleyball Club."

Kevin Baker, BU alumnus

Kevin believes he gained a lot from his course, not just academically. 

"The context and content of the course were enjoyable, however, it was the diversity of my sport management cohort that generated the most constructive experiences. I believe we had over 12 different cultures in a group of just under 20 students, ranging from the US to China.

"The courses provided the necessary content to develop my academic profile, but it was a programme where the more effort you put into the material, the more beneficial it would be."

Kevin reflects on his time at BU, and the difference it made to life after his studies. 

"Overall, my time at Bournemouth University was something I will look back on for the rest of my life. The experience of completing an international Master’s degree has not only prepared me professionally but personally as well. It enabled me to come into my own, and grow as a person. I will forever be grateful for my time there and appreciate all of the people that helped me through the entire process.

"Before attending Bournemouth University, I knew that I wanted to work within sport in some capacity. As I already had several different work-related experiences at CSU prior to attending BU, I knew that working at the NCAA level was something that I enjoyed.

"Upon completing my Master’s, I realised how lucky I was to be in a country with such a strong emphasis on sport being integrated as a part of the culture. When I came back to the US, I started directing all of my focus into professional sports."

Upon his return to the US, Kevin found a job role as soon as he could within sport. 

"Being from Los Angeles, and growing up supporting LA sports teams including the Dodgers, when a position came open in the ticket sales department I jumped on the opportunity. From there, I was fortunate enough to be promoted to the ticket operations department and have enjoyed every minute of the opportunity.

"The department works to maximise season ticket sales, mini-plan sales and group ticket sales. Mainly focusing on inventory management, we work within several ticket-related platforms to maximise the efficiency of the Dodgers’ sales revenue."

Enjoying his career and love for sports, Kevin shares some of his advice. 

"The best advice that I can provide for current and prospective students is to enjoy the journey of whatever path you set out on.

"Many times, people get wound up in focusing on their goals so heavily that they miss key experiences along the way. Set your goals high, be excited to try new things and enjoy the journey on your way to your dreams and aspirations."

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