Data relating to your interest in or attendance at an event and data relating to your general enquiries to us and our response is held within our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or in other electronic databases or filing facilities within BU’s IT systems. 

Where you have given consent to be contacted with further information about BU, its events or services, the contact details and information about your interests which you have provided are held within our CRM system or in the form of mailing list spreadsheets in other electronic database or filing facilities within BU’s IT systems. 

We only share your personal data with third parties as described in the next section, and this never involves selling your data or passing on mailing lists to third parties. 

Privacy Notice contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. When and how we collect your data

  3. How we hold your data

  4. How and why we process your data for BU purposes

    1. Events

    2. Enquiries

  5. Overseas transfers of your data

  6. Retention: how long will we keep your data for?

  7. Your rights as a data subject and how to exercise them

  8. Guide to the legal basis of data processing