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BU Privacy Notice: Public Events & General Enquiries

How and why we process your data for BU purposes: Events

In relation to BU events, we process your data for the purposes of:

Administering your booking and attendance.

​This relates to events which BU organises or supports and which are aimed at the public/a general audience. Your data may be transmitted to us through a third-party booking system such as Eventbrite or Ticketsource. Sometimes the data you provide will include information about your health conditions or disabilities, where these affect arrangements for your attendance at an event.

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The data we process for these purposes is data provided by you.  It will include your name, contact details and information about any event you wish to attend. This data is used by the BU staff running the event(s) of interest to you to process your booking and manage the event, and this may include emailing you with booking confirmations, event joining instructions or other information about that event.   

To facilitate efficient booking processes we often use external booking systems such as Eventbrite or Ticketsource to collect your data and administer bookings. Where this is the case, your data will be transmitted through these external systems and the companies providing those systems will give you separate privacy information about how they manage and protect your data while transmitting it. This will include information about whether they will transfer your data outside the European Economic Area in the course of providing their service. 

  • Necessary for legitimate interests pursued by BU, i.e. running events to increase awareness of BU’s courses and what we do and to share knowledge of interest to the public, and enabling your attendance at such events where you have expressed a wish to/interest in doing so.

Sometimes we may ask you to let us know of any dietary requirements or preferences to enable us to provide appropriate catering options at an event. Similarly we may ask you whether you have any additional needs with regard to accessing events, and of course we will also respond to any such needs which you notify to us at any point. Where your responses include information about any health conditions or disabilities you have, this means that you will be providing us with special category data which requires additional protection under data protection laws. We will only process this information where you have volunteered it to us and for the purposes of facilitating your access to, and safe attendance at, our events.

  • Consent: you have agreed to this processing

We will hold your data within our systems for a maximum of two years so that there is a record of your booking and we can respond to any queries about it and manage any issues with event administration. Different retention periods may apply to data held on the systems of third party ticketing providers such as Eventbrite or Ticketsource, but we will be working with them to manage data appropriately in accordance with the data protection legislation. 

Photographing or filming our events

We often take photographs or films at events that we host, so that we can use them for marketing purposes which may include public display and distribution of the images. You can ask us not to record and use your image in this way. 

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If we record images of you at one of our events, these images may be used in one or more of the following ways:

  • Prospectuses and other university promotional materials
  • As part of an advert or advertisement feature (which includes possible use on outdoor media such as buses and billboards)
  • On our website, intranet, or the websites of our partners
  • On CDs or DVDs we distribute as part of a marketing campaign
  • In non-university publications which our marketing team have approved and authorised.

If you are attending one of our events and you do not want your image to be used then you can simply ask us not to. Just let the photographer or a member of our staff know. The photographer will then aim not to take any images of you. You are also advised to try yourself to stay out of any shots or footage being taken, as you may appear in the background in error. 

  • Necessary for legitimate interests pursued by BU, i.e. increasing awareness of BU’s courses and what we do and sharing information of interest to the public.

Statistical analysis about attendance at our events

We carry out analysis of attendance at our events.  For example, we may analyse the demographic profile of attendees by reference to postcode or age-range information you have given us. This is to help us ensure that our events are accessible, send appropriate communications about events and work towards increasing participation of particular groups.

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To carry out this analysis we separate the relevant data fields (e.g. postcode or age range) from the information which identifies you as individuals, and then carry out statistical analysis which does not contain identifiable information.  Sometimes we ask a third party organisation (such as the UK Science Festivals Network) to carry out this analysis for us, but we only share non-identifiable information (e.g. postcodes) with them and they are not able to identify individuals from the shared information or the analysis they produce.  The extracted data fields and statistical analysis are then held separately from your name and contact details.​

  • Necessary for legitimate interests pursued by BU, i.e. running events to increase awareness of BU’s courses and what we do and to share knowledge of interest to the public, widening participation in such events and fulfilling BU’s duties under the Equality Act 2010.

With your agreement, sending you information about other events likely to be relevant or of interest to you

The data we process for these purposes is provided by you, and will include your name, contact details and preferences and information about the nature of events you may be interested in attending. This is used by BU staff to send you information about events which may be of interest to you.

More information

You will have completed a form to confirm your agreement to this type of communication.  You may also have been asked to indicate your preferred method(s) of communication and the type of information you wish to receive.   We only send you these communications with your agreement and in line with any stated preferences. You can change your preferences or stop these contacts at any time by emailing the unsubscribe contact identified in the event information or by contacting the BU Events team on

We will hold your contact details and contact preferences information in our systems. Your data will also be processed to carry out general analysis of levels of engagement with our communications, but this analysis will not be used as a basis for individual communications to you.

We will carry out periodic review of our mailing lists. We will usually stop sending you these communications after a certain period (up to five years maximum), when we will deactivate our record of your details within the CRM system.

  • Consent: you have agreed to this processing

We do not share this data with any third parties except as described above. 

Privacy Notice contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. When and how we collect your data

  3. How we hold your data

  4. How and why we process your data for BU purposes

    1. Events

    2. Enquiries

  5. Transfer of your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

  6. Retention: how long will we keep your data for?

  7. Your rights as a data subject and how to exercise them

  8. Guide to the legal basis of data processing