The Department of Social Sciences & Social Work has three areas of educational activity. We offer degrees in the social sciences of sociology, social anthropology and criminology. These courses explore the role of society, the relationships within and between different cultures, and the place of crime and criminal justice in society. All our courses are designed to contribute to the development of graduates’ awareness of the relationship between societies and the individual.

The Department has an experienced and professional social work team who prepares social workers for practice in the region and beyond, ensuring they have the sensitivity and effectiveness to support vulnerable people in a variety of challenging situations. Our Social Work courses are also ranked 1st in their subject area according to the 2021 Guardian League tables

Our National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work specialises in providing high-quality education, continuing professional development and training for professionals, working in partnership with many local authorities in England.  

Research in social sciences and social work covers diverse areas important to understanding factions of society and the support they require. We have a particular focus on vulnerable and marginalised groups, and their protection and safeguarding. Through the Research Centre for Seldom Heard Voices, our social scientists, social work academics and others from outside the Department come together to develop collaborative research programmes in this area.

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Professor Sam Porter

Head of the Department of Social Sciences & Social Work

Our department provides a superb preparation for future social workers; it ensures that those currently engaged in social work and social care can attain continuing professional skills to enable excellent practice, and provides social science students

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