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Alumni mentoring at BU

Alumni mentoring at BU

Get involved, inspire the next generation and discover the latest talent entering your industry. Our alumni mentoring scheme matches the skills and experiences of BU’s graduates with the career aspirations of our current students.

As an alumni mentor, you will be matched with a student mentee to provide advice on making the first steps into graduate employment. Your mentee will set out the areas they’d like to work on at the start of the mentorship – from improving their CV to interview tips or insights into the skills which employers are looking for.

Mentorships operate on a 1:1 basis and typically last for three months. You will be supported throughout by the Alumni Relations Team.

Why get involved?

By volunteering your time as a mentor, you can:

  • Use your experiences to give back and support the careers of others
  • Develop new professional skills
  • Make contact with emerging talent entering your sector
  • Gain increased exposure for your organisation and build new networks.

Here’s what some of our existing mentors and mentees have said about the programme:


Roxanne Opas, Psychology Mentor

"I have found the mentoring experience both humbling and rewarding. I feel honoured that my mentee let me be a part of her university journey and pleased to have helped to provide guidance, even in the smallest of ways. I'm proud of the fact that BU recognises the value alumni can add to the university experience."

- Roxanne Opas, Psychology Mentor

Holly Sumpter, Psychology Mentee

"The scheme has been highly beneficial and I would definitely recommend it! I had a great mentor and he offered useful and insightful advice, suggestions and tips both towards my dissertation and in my search for a graduate job after university.

I would highly recommend the scheme for any students who are unsure of their future career choices, need tips and recommendations for interviews, CV or presentation skills, as well as those wanting to maximise their time management skills throughout their final year.

It’s great to be connected with an expert in your area of interest, who encourages you to pursue potential career opportunities as well as providing useful advice throughout the entire year at university, and after!"

Holly Sumpter, Psychology Mentee

Design & Engineering

Matt Bird, Design & Engineering Mentor

"For me its been a very positive and valuable experience, we've had some good email conversations and I've been able to answer questions about my career and how I got there which I believe has been helpful. We are going to remain in contact so I can answer any other questions, especially as she applies for more role."

- Matt Bird, BU Graduate

Megan Butler, Design & Engineering student

"My mentor was a great help all round. I have been to visit his office and had a chat with him and his work partner about what they do and they both gave me great feedback on my portfolio and general advice".

- Megan Butler, Design & Engineering student

Cameron Falconer-Cunningham, Design & Engineering student

"I have found the mentoring programme to be extremely helpful and it has provided me with a lot of really valuable information in the areas I am interested in. 

The experience has been brilliant overall”

- Cameron Falconer-Cunningham, Design and Engineering student 

Public Relations

Kevin Coles, Public Relations Mentor

Kevin Coles alumni

“My degree from Bournemouth has been the bedrock of my career, so being part of the mentoring scheme was a great way of showing my appreciation and getting involved. Working with my mentee hopefully helped him to better define his career choice, but was equally as rewarding for me, providing the opportunity to offer advice to the new generation of PR professionals.”

– Kevin Coles, BU graduate

Vera Markova, Public Relations Mentor

Vera Markova alumni

“Mentoring has been a sheer joy as it helped me to understand university graduates' concerns and how I can address these to become a better employer, mentor and colleague.”

– Vera Markova, BU Graduate - Founder of Revolucia

Yana Miladinova, Public Relations student

"It was very helpful to have a mentor in my final year at University. It was amazing to have that additional relationship with a professional from the industry, not just our lecturers. I would definitely recommend it to other students and I would love to be a mentor in the future. It was a great experience."

– Yana Miladinova, PR student

Kirstie Price, Public Relations Mentor

"From discussions we had, I believe my mentee got a lot out of having the opportunity to ask questions about life after university and it provided me a great experience to reflect on what I have achieved since graduation. 

“I think the scheme is a great idea and am happy to continue supporting future students"

Kirstie Price, BU PR graduate

How it works

Our mentoring programme is open for student applications at two points in the academic year – November and April. We also run subject-specific mentoring programmes based on demand across the year.

We are always looking for new alumni mentors from all sectors and subjects of study. Recent programmes have included students from design and engineering, computing and informatics, marketing communications, psychology and media production.

To express an interest, complete our online alumni details form, and tick the ‘alumni mentoring’ box under the ‘Getting involved and volunteering section’. We will get in touch to let you know about relevant opportunities.

Alumni mentoring in 2019-20

Due to the success of the 2018-19 Alumni Mentoring Programme, in 2019-20 we will be increasing the scope of the programme to support students from the following courses:

  • BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism
  • MA Multimedia Journalism
  • MA Media Production
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • BA (Hons) Marketing Communications with Public Relations
  • BSc (Hons) Design Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) Computing

We will also be facilitating mentoring matches to assist students from the following countries:

  • Taiwan
  • Nigeria
  • Turkey

You can find out more by reading our Alumni Mentoring Handbook (pdf 223kb).

Michelle Winter, Alumni Project OfficerMichelle Winter – Alumni Project Officer

Michelle leads our mentoring programmes. She enjoys connecting students with graduates who can pass on advice and insights as they take the first steps in their careers.

Phone: +44 (0)1202 962092