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Your memories

Reconnect and reminisce

Your memories

It’s not just what you learn at university that changes your life. We regularly hear from alumni who’ve formed lifelong friendships, embarked on global adventures with their housemates, or put their experiences to use by collaboratively building successful, BU-inspired businesses. Some of our graduates who met here have even gone on to get married and have kids.

Those years spent studying form a pretty big time in most people’s lives, so it’s always good to take the opportunity to sit back and reminisce. If you’ve got a story to share about your experiences at BU and how they’ve gone on to shape your future, get in touch at

BU Back to the 90s

We asked former students who attended BU in the 1990s to share their memories.

We compiled the best into a digital publication, full of photos and recollections. We hope you enjoy it.

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Suzy and Robert with their son, Benjamin

Suzanne and Robert

A backpack on wheels, and some slightly dubious computer glitches, helped love to blossom for Suzanne and Robert Capper.

Steph and Andy

Steph and Andy

When Steph and Andy Callen met at a ‘back to school’ themed student night in their final year, Andy had a fool-proof way of ensuring that Steph didn’t forget his number.

Lauren and Rupert at their wedding

Lauren and Rupert

Lauren and Rupert joke that it was ‘love at first shop’ rather than ‘love at first sight’ as their first trip out together was to buy groceries for their student flat.

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Graduation is always a big highlight of the BU calendar – a chance to reflect on your time at university and celebrate your achievements. That’s why we make sure we always capture the highlights on film so you can revisit the day in years to come. You can view some highlights from last year below; visit our graduation page and relive previous ceremonies.