BU love stories

Couples who met on campus

BU Love Stories

Some graduates don’t just leave university with a degree a host of happy memories. We have been inspired to hear how many alumni also met their future partner at BU. Here, we share the heart-warming stories of couples who began their relationship on campus and who have gone on to build a life together.

Andy and Amy skiing

Andy and Amy

A talent for music and a shared love of heavy metal and cheese helped love blossom for Andy and Amy.

Suzy and Robert with their son, Benjamin

Suzanne and Robert

A backpack on wheels, and some slightly dubious computer glitches, helped love to blossom for Suzanne and Robert Capper.

A photo of Matthew, Alison and son Jono alongside a Q&A about the family business with Matthew

Matthew and Alison

Matthew and Alison Hurst met while studying at Dorset Institute of Higher Education in the early 80s. The couple have been married for more than 30 years and run a business together in Cornwall.

Lauren and Rupert at their wedding

Lauren and Rupert

Lauren and Rupert joke that it was ‘love at first shop’ rather than ‘love at first sight’ as their first trip out together was to buy groceries for their student flat.

Steph and Andy

Steph and Andy

When Steph and Andy Callen met at a ‘back to school’ themed student night in their final year, Andy had a fool-proof way of ensuring that Steph didn’t forget his number.

Karl and Debbie Hood

Debbie and Karl

A shared appreciation for early nineties alternative rock band ‘Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’ first brought Karl and Debbie Hoods together.