A graphic featuring the text, 'back to the noughties', and various icons relating to the decade

It may not seem that long ago, but judging by the musical references and fashion choices, the first decade of the 21st century had its own sense of style.

We asked graduates who studied at BU between 2000 and 2009 to share their memories. Take a trip down memory lane with these images and recollections. Thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute.

Dom Sacco

“I studied Multimedia Journalism from 2004 to 2007 and it was the best time of my life. I made great friends that I still keep in touch with. I met my wife at university and I really came out of my shell. I have good memories of going to gigs, playing football, chilling at the beach and going to endless house parties in Winton. On the academic side, studying at Bournemouth University helped me pursue my dream of becoming a journalist. Today I run Esports News UK in my spare time and I work as Head of Content at the British Esports Association. Simply put, I wouldn't be where I am today if not for studying at Bournemouth Uni.”

Suzy (Fuhrhop) Capper

“I had a lot of fun looking back at my old Bournemouth Uni photos for this! I graduated in 2005 with an MA in 3D Computer Animation. Here are photos from my class. The MA 3D Computer Animation, MSc 3D Computer Animation and Digital Effects courses shared a lot of the classes together and therefore we all ended up going to the same parties and hanging out at Dylan's Bar. It was a really fun time in my life!”

Anthony Poulton

“Here are a few of the photos from the early noughties. Thankfully social media was in its infancy (I can’t access my Bebo or Myspace accounts anymore)! Great to have some memories of what seems like a different life now.”

Anthony and friends at the 2001 Freshers Ball
Anthony and friends at the 2001 Freshers Ball
Anthony and friends at the Summer Ball
Anthony and friends at the Summer Ball

Kimberley (Hopkins) West

Thanks to Kimberley (Hopkins) West who sent in these two photos. The first is from the Applied Geography class field trip to Albufeira, Portugal in 2005, and the second shows her fellow Hurn House residents (2003-2004), although this particular photo was taken in 2007 during a post-graduation reunion.

Kim and fellow students on a field trip in Portugal
Kim and friends outside Hurn House

Marcos Moreno

And a further thanks to Marcos Moreno for these images.

Marcos and friends at the 2005 Freshers Ball
Marcos and friends at the 2005 Freshers Ball
A carefully assembled 'Beer chair' at Marcos' place
A carefully assembled 'Beer chair' at Marcos' place

More noughties memories

Our Facebook appeal sparked lots of comments, especially about the old BU logo which – it was pointed out – had an uncanny resemblance to the Woolmark logo!

“Bands in the Sugarmine included The Stranglers and Seymour – the latter are more famously known as Blur!”

- Lucy Iliffe

“Hooch on tap in The Firestation”

- Erica Oliver

“I remember the old knot logo very well. I remember people saying the new one looked like a slice of ham!”

- Paul Green

“I joined in 2000 to start Mental Health Nursing, graduating in 2003. I’ve enjoyed a career in the NHS ever since.”

- Matt du Feu

“I still have my graduation hoodie with the old logo hanging up in my cupboard in Australia.”

- Martin Dacre