Dear Roshan

Uni is a time where you are going to grow so much as a person. Make sure you maximise this experience. Get out of your bubble and don’t just stick to the friends you already know. Stay up late and go to all the cook-outs with ACS. This is a great time to network and in your industry it will certainly pay off.

You’re going to think about giving up politics and avoiding the lectures, but honestly what’s the point? You’re going to have to complete it one way or another to pass the year, so you may as well get it right the first time.

Take advantage of all that Nerve has to offer and don’t let being a minority want to hold you back from trying out new things. Nerve is an amazing opportunity to test out new roles and you can use examples of quality work on your CV.

Make sure you party hard too, once you hit the real world you’ll be swamped with work and be wishing you had been out with the rest of your friends.

Your hard work will pay off. I promise.

Lots of love

Your older graduated self

Roshan Roberts graduated with a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism in 2017 and is Assistant Radio Producer at BBC 1Xtra.