Sian and Alex at their graduation Sian and Alex at their graduation

Sian Jones studied BSc (Hons) Environmental Science, graduating in 2014.

Sian said, “My partner Alex and I met in the very first introduction lecture for our course, however, it wasn't love at first sight – apparently Alex was put off as I was part of the 'cool group'! While we started as acquaintances, we quickly became friends in our second year of university. This was particularly helped along by our course field trips where we often teamed up to complete coursework.”

“However, we regularly had different views on the best ways to complete tasks – leading to our friends telling us that we already argued like a married couple! Despite the friendly disagreements, these trips sparked our love of exploring new places together which we still love now.”

Sian and Alex on holiday

“After growing closer as friends, in our third year Alex plucked up the courage to ask me on a date to the Wetherspoons in Winton (student living at its finest) and we've never looked back.”

“We supported each other in succeeding in our bachelor's degrees and got to enjoy graduating together. Since then Alex encouraged me to complete my Master’s degree at Bournemouth as well as pursue a career in sustainable development. We've been able to travel the world together, exploring different cultures and taking part in conservational efforts in Thailand and Greece.”

“We bought our first home together in 2018 and are happily engaged to be married in 2024. It's amazing to think that if we hadn't both chosen to study environmental science at Bournemouth we would have never met, and never got to experience the love that we have. We're eternally grateful to Bournemouth University for bringing us together!”