Emma completed her degree in advertising management in 1997 and met Toby during the course of her studies.

She said, “I met Toby McIntyre when he worked behind the bar in Dylan’s. He was in the year above me on a media production degree. After six months of being friends we finally kissed in the Academy nightclub in 1996 and we have been together ever since. Although Toby was in the year above me, he was a Union Sabbatical Officer for a year after he finished his degree which gave us an extra year of being together at uni. We married in 2001 and had part of our wedding celebration in the Old Fire Station.”

“We have travelled the world together and lived in Sydney for eight years. We have three children, a daughter about to turn 18 and 15-year-old twin boys. We now live in Salisbury and have successful careers; I work in data protection and Toby works as a senior project manager in a consulting company. Although neither of us work in our fields of study, we found each other at Bournemouth University for which we are forever grateful.”