The Centre for Intellectual Property and Policy Management (CIPPM) is a leading centre for research on the legal, economic and policy aspects of intellectual property rights in the creative industries and in the field of emerging technologies.

CIPPM is a multi-disciplinary hub bringing evidence-based, academic rigour to the regulation of intellectual property. The Centre’s research has become an increasingly important resource to those involved in the legislative process. Evidence-based research for use in policy making is at the heart of CIPPM’s ethos.

Recent research that has informed and influenced policy includes CIPPM’s studies on orphan works, copyright exemption for parody, open standards, authors’ earnings and copyright term extension. To enhance the impact of its research, CIPPM holds annual symposia where the views of policy makers, social scientists and lawyers are presented and discussed.

For more information of the breadth of CIPPM’s research visit the CIPPM website or view details of specific projects.

Introduction to UK Copyright Law (1 of 5)

CIPPM research projects

We pride ourselves on research that makes a real difference to the world around us. We believe that research, education and professional practice belong together with each shaping and informing the other. Discover how a selection of CIPPM research projects, led by BU staff, students and external collaborators, are making a positive impact on society.

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