While you are at BU you may want to travel abroad.

Please note, that you should not travel outside the UK during term-time. The student visa does not allow remote study, you can only study your course inside the UK. The only exception to this is if you undertake a work placement abroad and it has been authorised by your faculty.

We've put together this quick guide with advice on what to do before you go and links to information on short stay/tourist visas, or Schengen visas as they are known.

Before you travel abroad and regardless of your visa status, you should:

  • Check your passport and UK student visa is not due to expire while you are away
  • Carry with you on your journey a letter from the University confirming that you are a student registered on a full-time course, and evidence that you can support yourself (eg. bank statements, sponsor’s letter). Always check which student status letter you require. Visit the Foreign embassies in the UK webpage and select ‘London Diplomatic List’ for more information
  • Buy travel insurance for the duration of your holiday. For more information refer to our Living in the UK webpages.

If you hold a UK student visa and you will be returning to the UK before it expires, you still need to carry a visa letter from AskBU in your hand luggage. You can apply for a student status letter online.

If your UK student visa will expire during your absence you should apply to have it extended before you leave the UK. Every time you go abroad you must check whether you require a visa to enter the country you intend to visit.