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Covid-19 testing

The Government has asked each of us to regularly get tested for Covid-19, even if we don’t have symptoms. This is to help to stop the transmission of the disease by people who are not aware that they have it.  

You can easily access home test kits in the following ways: 

Collect a pack of Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test kits from:

  • Your local pharmacy
  • On campus: Reception of Bournemouth Gateway Building (Lansdowne Campus) and Reception of Poole House (Talbot Campus)
  • Accommodation: At reception in the following locations: Purbeck House, Corfe House, Dorchester House, Chesil House, Lyme Regis House, Okeford House, Cranborne House, Lansdowne Point, Home Park, Mercury House Bailey Point, Skyline, Oxford Point, Union and Hurn House, Belaton House.
  • Alternatively, you can order a pack online to be delivered straight to your home the next day. 

These tests are very easy to use. This video from the NHS shows how easy the test is to do. 

If you are collecting a pack of kits from campus, then please bring your student card with you or another form of identification that shows you are a BU student. You can find further details about how your information will be handled in this privacy notice

Whatever your test result – negative, positive or void – please remember to register the result the NHS. You can do this on the website. You will be asked which organisation you are connected to. This is easy to do. Simply select the option ‘A nursery, school, college, university, childcare provider or other education provider’ and then either ‘Work for a nursery, school, college, university, childcare provider or other education provider’ (if you are a member of BU staff) or ‘Go to school, college or university’ (if you are a student). Then select the collection point where you picked up your kits. 

If your test result is positive, please self-isolate immediately and request a confirmation test (the PCR test) by calling 119 or via the website. Don’t forget to let us know that you have tested positive.  

If the test is void, then please do another test.

If you have a negative result, you can carry on with your day as planned, making sure you comply with the Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air guidelines

You are strongly advised to get tested twice weekly. While the LFD test offers a rapid result with a reasonable degree of accuracy, it is not as sensitive as some other tests, as it has been designed to be used regularly. This is why you will need to be tested twice within three to five days. 

If you have a question about the LFD tests, please take a look at our FAQs. You can also find more information on the Government website

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