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Coronavirus latest update

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Bournemouth University COVID-19 Statement: Thursday 4 June 2020

I hope that you are well, and that you are preparing for your assessments while balancing this with looking after yourselves. As

As you will be aware from my updates, the university’s Major Incident Group has been working since January to manage BU’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. This is by far the most significant and long-running incident we have ever had to deal with and I’m so grateful for your patience and understanding as we’ve worked with your safety in mind.

Thanks too for all your messages, I do take time to read them, to understand how you are feeling, and I’ve even seen a couple of the nice social media comments too, which have made me smile.

We have made a lot of progress in our planning for next year and with the group now meeting weekly, my messages will also reduce to once a week. But don’t worry, we know this information is really important, especially as we start reaching conclusions for the next academic year. We’ll be continuing to update you on all the progress being made, and all relevant information will be shared with you through regular communication channels, such as the Monday email you are sent, as well as in my message each Thursday.

In our meeting today, we were updated on the plans being made at programme level to look at teaching for the new semester. I know many of you have questions about what the new academic year brings for your specific course, and I want to reassure you that we are working hard at the moment to bring that clarity to you, and we will update you as soon as we are able. Your safety, and the safety of our staff and the wider community will continue to be the priority in our planning.

Please do continue to look after yourselves, and your fellow students, take regular breaks from your work – even if you are working towards your assessments, building in rest and good sleep will all help!

I will speak to you again next Thursday.

Jim Andrews
Chief Operating Officer