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Coronavirus latest update

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Bournemouth University Covid-19 Statement: Thursday 26 November 2020

I know this is my third message to you this week, but I want to ensure you have all the necessary information about the Covid-19 testing facility and travelling home for the Christmas period, if you are planning to do so.

We are keeping the FAQs updated on the website, in light of all of the latest information from the Government, so please do continue to check back for the most recent details and guidance. 

For international students, please take the time to read this information and what it might mean if you are considering on travelling outside of the UK at the end of term. In many cases, a negative test is required before travel and our testing facility is unlikely to provide you with the information you require for travel as many countries require a different type of test which is not provided via this Government programme. Please check all the information available, including that in your destination country, before confirming your travel.

Today, the Government announced the tiers for each region, once the national lockdown ends next week. From Wednesday 3 December, the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) area will move into tier 2, as will the rest of Dorset. This means a range of restrictions will remain in place, including no mixing of households indoors. A helpful graphic has been developed by the Government with all the information of restrictions for those in tier 2. Please do take the time to look at this and be sure to continue to follow the rules in place.

We are looking at the implications of this announcement on some of our services, and will share more information with you as required.

As we head into this final weekend of the national lockdown, please do remember the physical distancing measures when you are outside your home. For ideas of activities and events to get involved in safely, take a look at these suggestions on our website. 

Best wishes,

Jim Andrews
Chief Operating Officer