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Coronavirus latest update

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Bournemouth University Covid-19 Statement: Friday 23 October 2020

I trust my message from earlier in the week provided reassurance to you about the relatively low number of cases we’re seeing at BU, and the way that these are being managed, with support given.  I know some of you will have friends and family who have been affected by Covid-19, or perhaps you yourself have been unwell. 

Please do keep telling us, through AskBU, if you have Covid-symptoms, are asked to self-isolate or are being tested, so that we can make sure support is in place for you.

I know we say it often, but please do make sure you let us know if you need help, we’ve got a lot of support on offer so just reach out to us through AskBU, or by exploring the wellbeing pages of our website.

I want to underline that we know this is a tough year, unlike any we have faced, and I am continually proud of the way you have worked, and thank you again to all those of you who are following the rules in place to keep us safe.  These sentiments were shared by John Vinney in his podcast this week too.

Work is underway to plan the timetable for semesters two and three. While we will have to respond to any change in current government and public health rules, we expect that we will continue to deliver a mixed blend of face-to-face and online learning in the new year. We will follow up with specific details of what semester two will look like for your course as soon as these details are confirmed.

May I also remind you to keep following the rules in place for our safety. We have had to email a number of students this week to remind them again of the rules in place following some breaches. I know this is incredibly tough, and you will want to meet people and socialise, but please do so within the rules that are in place for our safety, meeting in groups of no more than six, wearing face coverings and practicing good hygiene. With Halloween taking place at the end of next week, please refrain from engaging in gatherings that break these rules. 

We are seeing across the country that students are being fined for breaking these rules and we do not want any of you to be in this position. Please remember that the government rules in place are not just guidelines, but the law.

You may have seen that one of the car parks on Talbot Campus had a mobile testing facility on Wednesday this week. This facility will be returning over the coming weeks to provide further testing capacity for the region. While this facility is not a university facility, I am pleased we have been able to work with our local partners to get a facility for the community to use, and I am sure we will make use of it too. There are plans for a site in Lansdowne too, you can read more about this on the BCP Council website.

I wish you a restful weekend – there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy our region, and have some fun, within the guidelines currently in place – we’ve put a few ideas for things to do on our website for you. I’ll be spending next week with my new puppy, I’ve attached a picture for you.

Best wishes,

Jim Andrews
Chief Operating Officer