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Starting university can be challenging. It’s a time of change – it might be your first time away from home, you may be moving to a different area or country and it could be the first time that you’ve had to be properly responsible for yourself – and you may have high expectations about how much fun it’s going to be. At BU we do hope you find starting university fun and exciting and we offer lots of activities and events to help you settle in and make new friends. However we also know that it’s very common to feel homesick. Research shows that 50-70% of new UK students suffer from homesickness to some extent within in their first two or three weeks so you’re not alone. Homesickness can be quite a personal feeling that not everyone feels comfortable talking about, so there's a chance those around you are feeling the same way, but just not talking about it.

You can always contact our support services on campus: Student Support & Engagement TeamStudent WellbeingFaith & Reflection and SUBU Advice. If you're in BU accommodation our ResLifeBU team are there to support your wellbeing.

(Note: With thanks to the University of Warwick Counselling Service)