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Protecting student outcomes

Regulations, policies and procedures

Bournemouth University recognises the practical and emotional challenges caused by the current Government Covid-19 restrictions. We want to reassure you that the university has taken action to mitigate against the disadvantage you may be experiencing, and to put in place measures to protect student outcomes in 2020/21. 

The mitigation put in place this year retains key elements of the approach taken in 2019/20, when the university took urgent action to respond to the significant and unplanned for disruption caused by the pandemic through the implementation of the Emergency Regulations 6R, including ‘No Detriment’.

For the 2020/21 academic year, the university has been able to plan ahead, in accordance with government advice, and prepare for a different mode of delivery. We have taken a number of actions to support your learning and your academic experience during 2020/21, in recognition of some of the challenges you may be encountering studying remotely or in a mainly online environment.

These actions include the development of online/blended modes of delivery and adaptations to assessments and related policies and procedures in order to recognise disadvantage where it has occurred. A summary of these actions is provided below, including the provision for the university to review, and if necessary, adjust assessment marks to recognise student achievement where outcomes have been disadvantaged by circumstances beyond student control.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation, and adhere to guidance from the government and the Office for Students, and we will keep you updated should further action to support you be required.  

If you have any questions or want to discuss your situation in more detail, please contact AskBU.  

Regulations, policies and procedures


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