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Making an appeal

When you receive your results you may feel dissatisfied about your feedback or marks. We always encourage you to discuss any concerns with an appropriate member of your programme team or your Academic Advisor, as they may be able to reassure you, explain the details and resolve any concerns you have. In addition you can contact SUBU Advice or AskBU Students’ Service for further advice.​

When you have discussed with the programme team and understand what your options are if you feel you have grounds to make an appeal there are separate appeals policies for taught awards (undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses) and for postgraduate research awards. These are available in the ‘Appeals’ section of the Important Information page. The policies explain what you need to do.

It is important for you to be aware that when you submit a formal appeal, until you know the outcome of your appeal, the decision of the Assessment Board stands and your results and instructions for reassessment remain unchanged.

More information

What should I do if I want to formally appeal against the decision of the Assessment Board?

It is important that you read and understand the relevant policy document.

You can ask for advice from SUBU Advice or AskBU Students’ Service if you need to. You will then need to complete the Appeal Form (available in the ‘Appeals’ section of the Important Information page) and submit this to your Education Service Manager within ten working days of receiving your results.

An academic appeal can only be considered on one or more the following grounds:

  1. there has been a material irregularity or significant administrative error in the assessment process
  2. the assessment was not conducted in accordance with the regulations for the programme
  3. a student’s performance in assessment has been affected by illness or other factors which, for valid reason(s), they were unable to divulge before the meeting of the Assessment Board (see 6J - Exceptional Circumstances including Extensions: Policy and Procedure)
  4. there has been bias or the perception of bias in the assessment process / consideration of the appeal.

You will also need to provide evidence to support your claim.

Please be aware that an appeal based on the fact that you disagree with the grade or marks that you have been given will not be considered within the grounds listed above. This would be questioning the academic judgement of the markers and/ or assessment board.

You are also reminded that, without a valid reason (and evidence to support that reason), if you did not submit Exceptional Circumstances for an extension/ postponement or Board Consideration ahead of the Assessment Board an appeal on this ground will not be upheld.

What will happen to my appeal?

Your formal appeal will be considered by the Faculty Education Services Manager (or their nominee) and you will receive a response in writing, usually within 15 working days. This is called the ‘Local Stage’. The possible outcomes are listed in the relevant policy (available in the ‘Appeals’ section of the Important Information page).

When you have received a response from the Local Stage you may decide to request that your case is considered at the Central Stage. You will need to complete the additional sections of the form and submit this to within ten working days of receiving the response from the Local Stage. Appeals received after the deadline will normally be rejected.

You will usually receive a response from the Central Stage within 15 working days. If you believe the outcome you have received is not satisfactory you have the opportunity to request that your case is considered at an Appeals Board. Please refer to the relevant policy (available in the ‘Appeals’ section of the Important Information page) for information in relation to this.

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