Please use the Appeals and Complaints Tool below for guidance on submitting an appeal:

Appeals and Complaints Tool

When you receive your results you may feel dissatisfied about your feedback or marks. We always encourage you to discuss any concerns with an appropriate member of your programme team or your Personal Tutor, as they may be able to reassure you, explain the details and resolve any concerns you have. In addition you can contact SUBU Advice or AskBU Students’ Service for further advice.​

When you have discussed with the programme team and understand what your options are if you feel you have grounds to make an appeal there are separate appeals policies for taught awards (undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses) and for postgraduate research awards. These are available in the ‘Appeals’ section of the Important Information page. The policies explain what you need to do.

It is important for you to be aware that when you submit a formal appeal, until you know the outcome of your appeal, the decision of the Assessment Board stands and your results and instructions for reassessment remain unchanged.

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