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Making a complaint

We hope you enjoy your time as a student at BU, but sometimes you may feel dissatisfied with some aspect of your course or something that the university has (or hasn’t) done. Depending on what you are unhappy about there are a variety of ways that you can bring your concerns to our attention.

Where it is possible we would always recommend discussing your concerns directly with the person (or people) involved in the first instance. Where possible you should raise the issue/concern with an appropriate member of the faculty or a member of staff in the Professional Service where the issue arose. If your complaint relates to a programme-wide or group issue, and you feel unable to speak to your Programme Leader or tutors, you should contact your Student Rep. Concerns can often be resolved through informal discussion. In addition you can contact SUBU Advice or AskBU Students’ Service for further advice.

When you have discussed your concerns with the relevant people and understand what your options are you have the option to submit a formal complaint. For a full copy of the Student Complaints: Policy and Procedure visit the ‘Complaints’ section of the Important Information page

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What should I do if I want to make a formal complaint?

It is important that you read and understand the relevant policy document.

You can ask for advice from SUBU Advice or AskBU Students’ Service if you need to. You will then need to complete the Complaint Form (available in the ‘Complaints’ section of the Important Information page) and submit this to either the Education Service Manager (for complaints relating to faculty services including academic complaints) or to the relevant Head of Professional Service (for non-academic complaints). If you are unsure who to send the form to please contact us via

You will also need to provide any evidence you may have to support your claim and we would expect the formal complaint to be made within one calendar month of when the incident occurred.

What will happen to my formal complaint?

Your formal complaint will be considered within the faculty or professional service and you will receive a response in writing, usually within 20 working days. This is called the ‘Local Stage’. The possible outcomes are listed in the relevant policy (available in the ‘Complaints’ section of the Important Information page).

When you have received a response from the Local Stage you may decide to request that your case is considered at the Central Stage. You will need to complete the additional sections of the form and submit this to within ten working days of receiving the response from the Local Stage. Complaints received after the deadline will normally be rejected.

You will usually receive a response from the Central Stage within 20 working days. If you believe the outcome you have received is not satisfactory you have the opportunity to request that your case is considered at a complaints hearing. Please refer to the relevant policy (available in the ‘Complaints’ section of the Important Information page) for information in relation to this.

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