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Supporting your learning

How we are supporting your learning

Our commitment to you:

We know that this has been a challenging year as we have continued to work and study during the Covid-19 pandemic and want to reassure you that the university has taken action to mitigate against any disadvantage you may be experiencing as a result, and to put in place measures to protect your learning outcomes in 2020/21. 

We have:

  • Designed a framework of support which considers the specific needs of students in this current academic year to protect your studies (more information below)
  • Adapted programmes for online learning and assessment
  • Actively used BU’s hardship fund to support any student experiencing financial difficulty
  • Supported students in accommodation for offering a 50% rent credit in the first part of the year for students whose contract is with BU, and made hardship funds available for all students 
  • Invested in a range of remote access solutions so you are able to connect to software and applications on campus for your programme
  • Put safety measures in place on campus for those students who are accessing facilities or face-to-face teaching
  • Worked in conjunction with SUBU to ensure we are offering appropriate wellbeing support for any student in need.

We will:

Continue to closely monitor the situation and adhere to guidance from the Government and the Office for Students, and we will keep you updated should further action to support you be required.  

Recognising the impact of Covid-19 on your studies

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting each of us in many different ways and so we have designed a framework of support to assist you as an individual. This retains key elements of the approach taken in 2019/20, when the university took urgent action to respond to the significant and unplanned for disruption caused by the pandemic. We have worked to be fair to students in the circumstances relating to this academic year.

Please read our Protecting Student Outcomes information for a fuller description of the measures in place to support your studies.

Support for all students

We are here to support you as you continue in your studies at Bournemouth University, and have a range of existing and new wellbeing support in place for any student in need of support, whether this is academic, wellbeing or financial. The following links provide further information for all students, and if you have any specific concerns about your personal circumstances, our AskBU team are available:

For more information about BU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, visit the Coronavirus pages of the BU website.

Exceptional circumstances – Covid-19

The Exceptional Circumstances Policy allows you to let the university know of any circumstances that are impacting your ability to study for, or complete, your assessment(s). This year, if you have any Covid-19 circumstances that are impacting your ability to study for an assessment, you do not have to provide evidence to support this situation. We have also extended the self-certification period to 14 days, although you will be able to continue to study remotely, if you feel well enough to do so. The extended self-certification period also reduces the need for you to provide medical evidence for short-term, health-related issues.

We have launched a new online extension request form to simplify the process of requesting an extension. Further details and links to the form can be found on the Exceptional Circumstances webpage.