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Financial guidance during Covid-19

If you're concerned about your finances during the Covid-19 pandemic, whether that’s paying rent, payments from employer or general financial entitlements, we have brought together some of this information for you below.

Important: Please be aware of scams designed to get your financial or personal information. These can be phone calls, texts, emails, or even someone knocking on your door. There are several new scams exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic. These messages may claim to be from the Government, your GP's surgery, the NHS, or even the World Health Organisation (WHO). Check the advice from Which? Coronavirus scams – how to spot them and stop them - where you can sign up for scam alerts and find out how to report anything suspicious. Read our advice on how to avoid Covid-19 scams and fraud.



Please refer to government guidance on Covid-19 and renting which explains your obligations and rights as a tenant. There is also more information on our Student accommodation and coronavirus FAQs page.


Please refer to government guidance for employees which covers a range of information including being furloughed by your employer  There is also information on benefits including Universal Credit. It is essential students refer to Universal Credit and students before applying for this. The majority of full time students will not have eligibility for Universal Credit unless they meet key criteria.


If you need a general overview of the information provided by the government above and have other general financial questions, as a result of Covid-19, please check out Save the Student, which has some really useful and practical financial information. For all the latest updates regarding Covid-19 from Student Finance England, please refer to the information published by the Student Loans Company.

BU support

Please check out the BU Financial Support pages for more information on support BU can offer as well as the external funding guidance page. If you are struggling to buy food please contact SUBU Advice who may be able to provide vouchers. If you wish to discuss your financial situation further, please contact AskBU on 01202 969696 or

Our Careers & Employability Team are available online and can provide support and advice about careers, job opportunities and the recruitment process. You can contact the team directly, or access our online careers system MyCareerHub to search for jobs or resources.

AskBU: contact us

AskBU: contact us

AskBU is your one-stop-shop for student enquiries - you can contact us by email and phone, or drop in to see us at Talbot or Lansdowne Campus.

BU Financial Support Fund

BU Financial Support Fund

Non-repayable support that can help if you're having financial difficulties during your studies - contact us to apply.

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SUBU Advice

Free independent and confidential advice on housing, money, personal matters offered by BU Students' Union.