If you are a BU student with a student visa, your current residence status in the UK is based on you being enrolled as a full-time student at BU. It is a condition of your student visa that you engage appropriately with your studies. Engagement includes regular attendance at classes. BU is required to ensure that you meet this condition. We also want you to engage with your studies so that you will make academic progress and gain the greatest benefit from your time at BU, so we want to provide support if you are having difficulty in engaging with your studies.

For these reasons we regularly review your attendance levels and other key elements of engagement such as submission of assessments and attendance at compulsory sessions or appointments. We will start our formal engagement process if you miss two engagement points (submission deadline, exam, compulsory teaching sessions or other compulsory appointments) or if your attendance is very low over a review period. If there is further indication of low engagement or you do not provide appropriate information about your circumstances we will move to the next stage of the engagement process. After you have been given reasonable opportunities to respond and increase your engagement, we may have to withdraw you from your course. If this happens we are legally obliged to inform the Home Office, and this is likely to affect your ability to remain in the UK. However, we hope we can support you to increase your attendance and overall engagement before this happens.

If you need advice on your immigration position under a student visa, please seek further advice from the BU Immigration Compliance and Advice Team.