Siobhan outside L'Oreal

BSc (Hons) Marketing student Siobhan Glover feels that her first two years of study set her up for a successful work placement.

“I completed a 12-month placement at L’Oréal, based in Hammersmith, London. I decided to apply to L’Oréal because I wanted a globally recognised brand on my CV, and had the best year of my life there! 

“My main task was updating and simplifying L’Oréal’s digital reporting system which involved collaborating with brand teams, managing directors, and international analyst teams. Additionally, I led the digital training programme for the UK office, training over
500 colleagues in digital analytics.

“My biggest achievement was designing and launching a completely new, automated reporting tool called DOMO which is now used by all marketing personnel at L’Oréal. It felt amazing to be so heavily involved in a project that benefitted so many colleagues in the organisation. It gave me amazing exposure in the organisation as I had to present to all of L’Oréal’s marketing teams and managing directors.

“The experience was vindication of the reason I selected BU, namely the university’s focus on preparing students for the placement year.”