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St Mary’s Community Health campus, Portsmouth, is a BU teaching base dedicated to BSc (Hons) Midwifery students.

The campus forms part of St. Mary's Hospital, which is a component of Portsmouth Hospital Trust. Occupying a floor of the hospital, you will have a very practical experience benefitting from a dedicated teaching environment of lecture theatres, seminar rooms and practice simulation suites while being based in a hospital setting.  This smaller campus offers an intimate learning environment, allowing students and staff to get to know each other well. You will also visit our Lansdowne campus in Bournemouth for some of your teaching.

Michelle Gray

Portsmouth Programme Support Administrator

Our smaller student intakes lead to greater peer support within cohorts and between year groups. We also offer easy access to support and develop relationships with the students so they feel they can come to us at any time with queries and concerns.

Samantha Mould

Midwifery student

Studying in Portsmouth is more convenient for me as it’s meant I’ve not had to travel far to study. I have found the variety of placements in both high risk care settings and lower risk midwifery useful.
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Midwifery student

I feel so privileged and blessed to be a part of maternity and women and their family’s journeys.

Our staff

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Midwifery student

I chose to study midwifery because I am passionate about women’s health; including pregnancy and birth and have always been fascinated with the physiology behind it.