Edward is a member of the BU Trampolining Club, which is open to both novice and elite trampolinists. The club train at Olga Poole Gymnastics and Trampolining.

Taking part in the British Championships was a personal success. The original goal this year was to qualify for the British Championships, in the Elite 17-21 category. Not only did I qualify, but I got through to the final in fifth place.

This year’s British championships competition preparation has been the best competition preparation I have ever had. Over the last three months, I have been training with a ballet teacher 1-1, Pilates teacher 1-1 and attending hot yoga, all to benefit my training. My training on the trampoline bed has hugely improved since last year and I have broken personal bests on all my routines. I went into this competition feeling ready to give it everything I had.

The British championships are split into three days; Friday orientation, Saturday pre-lime and Sunday final. My orientation on Friday was not very good, I did not complete my routines and the pressure was mounting. However, my coach Brian assured me that what happens today will have no effect tomorrow, so reassured me to not stress.

Saturday was competition day and following a morning walk and stretch, I warmed up. Marching onto the competition floor was nerve-racking and not knowing what to expect worried me. This did show in my set routine. I underperformed and produced a below-average set. Nevertheless, I made it through the set routine and did 10 moves. After a shaky start, I had to bring it back with my voluntary routine, which I did. It was strong, stable and of a good quality, which I believe would have been seen on my face at the end of the routine.

I was 5th. I had done it. Qualification into the final top 8 had been secured which was more than I could have asked for. Yet that obviously just leaves you wanting more.

I now had a harder goal and more ambitious target to achieve. On the Sunday I proceeded to warm up for my final routine, once again I felt strong and powerful and performed one of the nicest voluntary routines in the warm-up hall. Sometimes, though, all the preparation cannot prepare you for the feeling you get when actually competing. Sadly, I crashed on my 7th move, losing me significant marks and placing me 7th overall and to be honest I have never felt so many emotions in such a little time.

I originally walked away from this competition upset, however looking back on what I have achieved I should be over the moon. What I am looking forward to is training harder, more consistent keeping up my extra work which helped with the training and being ready to compete in senior next year for the top place in the country.


  • 5th Place after Saturday
  • 7th Place after Sunday
  • Insane personal improvements

September 2018

Watch Edward in action at the 2018 British Trampolining Championships.

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