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Nursing and midwifery students based in Yeovil or Portsmouth

As a new nursing or midwifery student based on one of our satellite-campuses at University Centre Yeovil or St Mary’s Community Health Campus in Portsmouth, we appreciate the start of term will be slightly different.

This page will take you through your next steps and direct you to information that is relevant to you.

Register for your course

It’s important that you register for your course before the start of the academic year – emails with instructions on how to do this will be sent from 18 August 2020 and after your place at BU is confirmed.

Online enrolment

You will receive an email explaining how to enrol onto your course shortly after completing your initial online registration. It is important that you complete your online enrolment before the start date of your course, which in most cases is the 21 September 2020. Details of the important documents you will need to successfully enrol are included in your registration email, but you can also view this information on our what to bring webpage. You’ll find some top tips on what to pack if you are moving to student accommodation – even if it’s not BU managed, the advice is still really valuable. 

Start of term

You should expect to be at your study base (University Centre Yeovil or St Mary’s Community Health Campus, Portsmouth), on Monday 21 September to start your induction - check your registration email for details of your first session.

Arrangements are usually made for you to visit our Lansdowne Campus in Bournemouth during your induction period – full details will be included in your induction timetable which will be shared with you at the start of term.

Note: Yeovil District Hospital offer some accommodation options which you may be interested in.

Pre-arrivals activities

A series of pre-arrivals activities will be available in our virtual learning environment, Brightspace, which you can access once you have registered online. Information on these, and other things you can do to get in the right mind set for your course, are available on our new student pages.

Study support and student life

As a BU student you can access all BU support services and arrangements can be made for appointments by phone, email or video call. Check our student support and get ahead information to find out more about these services.

You’ll have the added benefit of experiencing campus life in either Yeovil or Portsmouth and the facilities designed for your course. Current students and staff based where you’ll be studying will be available at the start of term during your induction to welcome you to your course and campus.

What’s on

There are a variety of ways you can get involved in arrival activities and meet other new students. Your induction timetable will typically include at least one visit to Bournemouth. As part of that you are welcome to get involved with any of the social activities taking place - although you may need to arrange your own accommodation or transport home afterwards if you’re planning on staying out late!

You can also join our new arrivals Facebook group to find out more and meet other new students that are starting in September before you arrive.