Having graduated in 2016, Ryan embarked on a graduate scheme within Atos. He began as a Project Analyst within the Metropolitan Police Service before joining the International Olympics Committee where he led the planning and implementation phases of the account’s global Project Management Office.

His next role with Atos was as Project Manager and Transformation Lead within the company’s Digital Practice, where he led the innovation, process improvement and diversity/inclusion workstreams. This included facilitating the BIMA Awards and tackling gender inequality by increasing the number of women in technology through work experience.

Ryan’s achievements led to him being shortlisted for the Future Digital Expert Award in 2018. 


Name: Ryan Toddington
Age: 27
Job role: Full-time Master’s student; previously Digital Transformation – Project Manager
Organisation: Atos (most recent)
Course studied: BSc (Hons) IT Management/MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Graduated: 2016 and 2020

What their colleagues say

“Upon leaving BU and starting his career, Ryan had clearly developed the foundation needed to thrive in an ultra-competitive technology industry. Ryan knows what he wants and is extremely proactive in making it a reality. His critical thinking and thirst for innovation has led to him developing a deep understanding of what the digital revolution will mean to organisations and their clients.”

- Robert Jenkins, Tech Enablement Associate Manager, Atos