During her final year at BU, Vera won a volunteering abroad scholarship from the Global Horizons Program and went on to spend two years volunteering for a reforestation project in India.

She started as a general volunteer but was quickly promoted to become the CEO’s Assistant. The experience opened Vera’s eyes to the importance of sustainable living and inspired her to start the first zero-waste shop in Bulgaria in 2017. In three years, Revolucia has grown to become a company offering not only sustainable products but also waste reduction consultancy services, zero waste lectures, workshops and eco-friendly corporate gifts.

This year, the company partnered with organisations including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to organise a Plastic Free July campaign in Bulgaria which raised awareness of sustainable alternatives to plastic disposable items, the importance of package-free shopping and minimising waste. 


Name: Vera Ivanova Markova
Age: 28
Job role: Brand Manager
Organisation: Revolucia
Course studied: BA (Hons) Public Relations
Graduated: 2015

What their colleagues say

“Vera’s drive for change is exceptional. Her approach to discussing sustainability is unique as she tailors her advice to meet individuals’ lifestyles and values. It’s no wonder that more media outlets are talking about her work, especially the Plastic Free July campaign in Bulgaria which has encouraged more than 1,000 people to give up single-use plastic.”

- Boris Lauwers, General Manager