Experiencing loss and grief can mean that your emotions are overwhelming. If you’re going through a difficult time personally it can be hard to maintain your wellbeing and manage your workload, including uni work, jobs, paying bills or relationships. Covid-19 can also mean that you may have had a different experience of grief. It will help to speak to someone to share any worries that you have, take some pressure off yourself and find the support that you need. 

Everyone deals with bereavement differently and the effects can last much longer than the initial shock. Symptoms can include sadness, exhaustion, tiredness, anger and guilt. Sometimes you can also feel nothing at all, but wonder why you are not reacting as would normally be expected. Please reach out if you feel that you are struggling or need some help.

Academic support

If you have experienced bereavement of someone close to you, you may need support with your academic work or assessments. You can speak to your Programme Support Team to discuss the support you may need to carry on with your studies, or even if you need time away from university. You can also check the Exceptional Circumstances page if you feel that your circumstances may affect your results to find out about possible extensions or postponements. If you don't know how to get in touch with your Programme Support Team, contact AskBU.

Personal support at BU

On campus we have a wide range of support teams who can support or signpost you if you are going through a difficult time:

External resources

How you can find support for a student

If you are concerned about your child, a friend, your partner, or one of your students, we have a wide range of support teams on campus who are available to help, or can signpost students who are going through a difficult time:

For life-threatening emergencies call 999 or 01202 962222 if you’re on campus.