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No matter your concern, there are resources available to support you. View our comprehensive list of BU services as well as local and national agencies and charities.

If you’re looking for some advice or support on personal issues, whether big or small, BU is here to help. We've put together a comprehensive list of resources which you may find useful for any health or wellbeing issues you experience while at BU. These include both on campus and external local and national support services, which we hope you will find useful. You can always check our online FAQs or contact AskBU if you need further advice.  

We are aware that you can be affected by many personal issues so also have information on specific issues including, alcohol & drugs,  anxiety,  depression, diabetes awareness,  eating disordershomesickness,  pregnancy,  relationships,  sexual health and  social media support

There are several support services on campus which are available to all BU students including AskBU[email protected] teamStudent Wellbeing, SUBU Advice and Faith & Reflection

Please remember you are not alone, if you are feeling vulnerable the best action is to seek support and get help from either a professional or someone you trust. 

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[email protected] team

If you want a quick chat about something that’s been getting you down, or you’re struggling with a bigger issue, contact the team.
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