Support for assessments

Support for assessments

Last updated: 16 December 2021

We recognise that these have been, and still are, challenging times due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We want to reassure you that there is a range of policies and other measures in place to support your learning and you can find out further details below.

There may be occasions when you need to ask for an extension for an assessment, due to personal circumstances. If so, here are the things that you need to do:

  • Provide evidence in support of your requests for extensions or consideration of your exceptional circumstances. This includes any IT-related issue that may have been more common whilst working off-campus, but please be aware that standard practice is that IT issues are not accepted as valid exceptional circumstances. Where external WiFi is unreliable, you should submit your work from a campus computer
  • Self-certify for periods of sickness up to five days
  • Provide evidence to support a positive Covid test 
  • Ensure that all work is electronically stored and/or submitted and the correct piece of work is submitted.  

You can find our more information about the Exceptional Circumstance policy and access online forms to request an extension on the Exceptional Circumstances web page.

Positive changes to the late submission rule 

This year, the university has made a positive change to the late submission rule to benefit students. Previously, if you submitted up to 72 hours after the submission deadline, your work was capped at the pass mark and the unit would count towards your reassessment allowance for the level. Now, if you submit within 72 hours although your work will continue to be capped at the pass mark, the unit will no longer count towards your reassessment allowance for the level. This means that your reassessment allowance will not be impacted if you submit within 72 hours.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your situation in more detail, please contact AskBU

Information for final year (level 6/7) undergraduate students eligible for no detriment

As you head towards your final semester and assessments at BU, we know that you will be thinking about what degree you will achieve at the end of your studies. Yours has been a truly unique academic experience due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we recognise that this has disrupted your learning in different ways – and, of course, the pandemic continues to have an impact. In particular, you have had to deal with significant disruption during your level 5 studies (or level 6 for Integrated Masters programmes), which is a crucial period for underpinning your learning and provides you with the educational grounding for success in your final degree year. Therefore, we have put in place a specific ‘No Detriment 2021/22’ approach to ensure that your final degree outcome is not negatively impacted by this experience. 

‘No Detriment 2021/22’ means there will be a supplementary calculation applied to your final degree outcome. This applies to you if: 

  • you are graduating in 2021/22 at level 6 with a Bachelors award (on a BSc, BA, BEng or LLB programme).  Your final degree will be calculated based either on the standard model, in which level 5 contributes 30% to your final mark and level 6 contributes 70%, or by 100% weighting on level 6. You will receive the degree outcome which is most favourable.  
  • you are graduating in 2021/22 at level 7 with an Integrated Masters award (MEng, MDes, MLitt, MAccFin programme), your final degree will be calculated based on the standard model of either 50% from level 7, 35% from level 6 and 15% from level 5, or by 100% weighting on level 7. You will receive the degree outcome which is most favourable.   

‘No Detriment 2021/22’ will be automatically applied to all eligible students and you do not need to take any further action. 

You can find further information below in these Frequently Asked Questions. 

Information for year one (level 4) undergraduate students about in-year retrieval

This year, BU is implementing an ‘in-year retrieval’ (IYR) opportunity for level four students to enable those who fail an assessment in semester one to rework their initial submission within 15 term-time days, rather than having to wait for the reassessment period to ‘make good’ on the failure. This additional attempt will be capped at the pass mark.

You can find further information about IYR in the FAQs below and in this guidance flowchart.

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Exceptional circumstances

If you are worried that your circumstances could affect your assessments, you should tell us as soon as possible, rather than waiting for your results.

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