About this accommodation

  • Multi-use common room, two study spaces and a gym
  • Walking distance to Lansdowne Campus and university bus routes to Talbot Campus
  • Opposite Bournemouth train station and a large Asda supermarket
  • Two outdoor courtyards and a bike shelter
  • Dorchester House team member on-site 24 hours a day to provide any help you might need.

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Types of room

Two students talking in a Dorchester House bedroom

Standard and Premium ensuite rooms

Available to undergraduate and postgraduate students

Ensuites rooms for undergraduate students are single occupancy and come with a 3/4-sized double bed, study desk, desk chair, under-bed storage and your very own ensuite bathroom and shower.

Ensuite rooms vary in size, shape and layout, but the standard rooms are between 12.44 and 16.11 square metres. Premium ensuite rooms are larger at between 18.96 and 25.14 square metres.

There are between three and seven ensuite bedrooms in each shared flat; each flat has a communal kitchen and living area, complete with comfy seats, a breakfast bar, storage cupboards and all the appliances you’ll need (cooker, fridge, freezer and microwave).

A studio flat in Dorchester House


Available to undergraduate and postgraduate students

Studio flats come with a 3/4-sized double bed, study desk, desk chair, under-bed storage, your very own ensuite bathrooom and shower as well as a fitted kitchen area with everything you require for self-catering.

Standard studios (which are reserved for postgraduate students) vary in size, shape and layout but are between 18.78 and 24.92 square metres. Premium studios are larger, at between 25.15 and 30.34 square metres.

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Price lists

September starters

Standard room (undergraduate, 42-week tenancy)£169.70

Premium room (undergraduate, 42-week tenancy)£179.97

Standard studio (undergraduate/postgraduate, 50-week tenancy)£202.95

Premium studio (undergraduate/postgraduate, 50-week tenancy)£211.63

Please note: prices shown are for the academic year 2023/24. For full details, see the accommodation price guide (pdf 46kb).

January starters

Standard studio (postgraduate, 50-week tenancy)£187.50

Premium studio (postgraduate, 50-week tenancy)£190.22

Please note: prices shown are for the January 2021/22 academic year and will be updated annually. Download the January accommodation price guide 2021/22 (pdf 48kb).

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