In his five years at medical technology company BD, Ben has led the digital transformation of its UKI organisation.

What began as a business case for temporary digital support grew into a permanent digital marketing team, helping the business to connect with customers and patients in new ways.

After establishing digital marketing within the UK, Ben took on a new venture by joining the Corporate Communications team as Social Media Manager. He now works with teams around the world to unlock the potential of social media.

Whilst studying international business at university sparked his initial interest in working across markets and cultures, it was an assignment in organisational leadership that solidified the trajectory of Ben’s career. Fuelled by a passion to make a difference, he has been heavily involved in inclusion and diversity ever since, helping BD’s UK and regional teams to deliver events and initiatives that improve awareness, understanding and empathy.

Ben has drawn on his personal experiences of coming out as gay to become the company’s global co-lead for the Out and Proud Employee Network. In this role he works with chapters around the world and partners with other organisations to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Ben says: “My time at Bournemouth University planted seeds of curiosity which would later grow into a passionate drive that has fuelled my career. From working across cultures, to highlighting the need for inclusion and diversity, my degree laid the foundations and set the trajectory of my career by providing me with the skills, insight and determination to make a difference.”


Name: Ben Redgell
Age: 26
Job role: Social Media Manager
Organisation: BD
Course studied: BA (Hons) International Business & Management
Graduated: 2017

What their colleagues say

Showing both technical expertise and strategic thinking past his years, Ben has been a cornerstone of digital innovation at BD. Ben’s arrival has been nothing short of transformative for how BD communicates with key audiences. As well as practical competence and forward-thinking, Ben has displayed a huge passion for inclusion and diversity, most notably bringing the first ever Pride event to BD UKI.

Ben’s warmth, compassion, and fierce sense of doing what is right have been essential skills for him as a leader. His enthusiasm for actionable activism sets the standard for the countries we operate in, and he is considered a key point of contact for local teams and senior leaders alike." 

EMEA Product Manager in Life Science Research Reagents, BD